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Labour Supply

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K999 Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. has been operating in Thailand since 2006 and during this time we have developed a large pool of professionals, technical staff, and skilled tradesmen to fulfill & carry out project-related workloads.

We are well-positioned to provide valuable resources, both in Thailand and in countries currently experiencing staffing shortages, to assist with the critical needs of professionals, technical staff, and skilled trades in the engineering, fabrication, and construction industries.

Moreover, with the recent adjustments made by the Australian government, which now allow these professionals, technical staff, and skilled trades to seamlessly enter the Australian workforce through new working visa programs, K999 Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. is prepared to extend our services to regions in and around the Asia-Pacific. We stand ready to support projects wherever they may be, provided that the necessary working visas can be issued to address staffing shortages effectively.

Should your company need this service we would be pleased to discuss your needs

Indirect Labour
Project Manager (Expat)
Project Engineer (Local)
Technical & Design Engineer
Technical Engineer
QA/QC Personnel
Safety Personnel
Drafting Service Personnel (including CAD 14 & consumables)
Draftsman only (on site)

Supervisor (Expat)
Supervisor (Local)

Foreman Welder
Foreman Fitter
Foreman Rigger
Foreman Blaster
Foreman Mechanic

Fitter CIS I
Fitter CIS 11

Welder CIS I 6G ABS Certified
Welder CIS I 6GR Certificate
Welder CIS I 6G / 5G Certificate
Welder CIS II

Blaster and Painter

Machinist Class I
Machinist Class II

Mechanic Class I
Mechanic Class II

Expat Electrical/Instrument Engineer
Expat Instrument Technician
Electrical Foreman
Instrument Foreman
Electrical Technician
Instrument Technician



Skilled Helper

Labour/Tool Keeper


Welding Inspector (Certified )
Welding Inspector (Certified )
Pressure Vessel Inspector (Certified )
Crane Inspector (Certified )
UT Level 11 Inspector (Certified by ASNT)
RT ‘Level 11 Inspector (Certified by ASNT)
RT Level I Inspector (Certified by ASNT)
MT Level II Inspector (Certified by ASNT)
PT Level II Inspector (Certified by ASNT)

Our Projects

Solomon Project Firetail

MINING May 2013 / Best Tech Engineering / US$5,000,000 / Pilbara, W.A.

Chevron Integrated WHP

OFFSHORE 2011-2020 / Cuel/ US$12,000,000 / Thailand

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K999 looks forward to receiving your enquiry for any of our services from the drop down menu. We will respond to your question within 48 hours.

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