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Cuel / Chevron Thailand


K999 was awarded multiple work packages in the fabrication for offshore piping, structural steel included all offshore piping for gas and oil processing, topside steel production, complete with surface treatment, this was carried out over some 9 years and included supply of heat Induction bends, fabricated pipe spooling and structural steel works, including approx. 30 WHP, for the Gulf of Thailand.

K999 also supplied the hot induction Bending for RHS 500mm x 200mm x 16mm wt. with 120 bends being for the Taiwan Wind Tower Projects 

Scope of works for CUEL, Included supply of Materials, Fabrication of pipe spooling Fabrication of the structural steel support structures, Surface treatment Blast of Paint, Pressure testing, NDT testing, Inspection and verification, Supply of Long Radius Heat Induction Bends for Piping and Structural Steel in RHS sections.  

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