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Abrasive Blasting & Painting

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K999 presents the services of abrasive blasting & painting with our workshop of 55 X 60 M area.

Before blasting or painting, we require a test of the compressed air delivered after performing a blotter test and before painting is approved to ensure that the air compressor auxiliary receiver and hoses are free from condensed water & oil.

Abrasive blasting & coating work to restore weld joints in piping for process plants and refinery inside the piping execution according to the required standards. Good Surface preparation concludes the most efficient paint performance to be painted or coated. Dry and free from burrs; weld spatter, flux, rust, loose scale, dirt, dust, grease, oil and other foreign matter before any paint is applied.

After preparation of the substrate surface, a layer of primer is applied before any corrosion or recontamination occurs, generally within 4 hours after blasting. Surface preparation shall be carried out by dry blast-cleaning wherever possible. The surface preparation grades shall be as specified in the painting schedules for the various paint systems.

K999 painting process on all equipment provides for inner and outside coating for pipeline, piping and structural steel. 

Blasting to the required blast grade is maintained to ensure all steel. K999 processes will achieve blasts to close to white metal to SSPC-SP10 (SA 2 1/2) and follows the process as below;

  • Quality requirements SSPC
  • Joint surface preparation standards
  • Method of measurement of dry paint
  • Coating selection and application requirements for industrial plants and equipment
  • Internal & external coating for steel pipeline and piping
  • Coating materials & application of requirements for industrial facilities
  • Safety requirements for coating
  • Approved data sheets

Our Projects

Karara Mining Project

MINING August 2012 / Karara Mining / US$35,000,000 / Western Australia


OFFSHORE April 2009 / Tulsa Heaters / US$3,000,000 / Congo & Brazil

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