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Laser Cutting


At K999 Engineering & Construction, we provide bespoke steel laser cutting services using the latest industry technology. From our workshop facilities in Rayong we run a RBT -2000x8000mm 6000W CNC fiber laser cutting machine.

With a maximum bed size of our 2000 x 80000 mm, this allows us to efficiently maximise performance and production, from our competitors. Our in-house CAD design facilities, we are able to transform your pencil sketching to into laser readable files.


Laser cutting services have become increasingly more popular over the recent years, due to the level of precision that we can have when cutting. Our skilled engineers have been trained to a high standard, which is replicated in the delivery of our laser cut products.

K999 can deliver one-off products, batch or mass produced parts with the added confidence that our sales and design team will work with you throughout the process ensuring that your specification is correct.

Our new laser is 4x faster than an ordinary CO2 laser cutting system, which has massively increased efficiency and production in the business, allowing us to provide an increased capacity and a faster turnaround for our clients.


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