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16” Pig Launcher GWF-1

16” Pig Launcher


PROCESSING January 2015 / Baker Hughes/ US$85,000/Australia

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In January 2015, K999 Engineering and Construction Co Ltd. successfully completed the fabrication of pipe spooling for the 16′ Pig Launcher GWF-1 project in collaboration with Baker Hughes Australia Pty Ltd. This project involved the fabrication of one 16′ Pig Launcher / Receiver with a value of approximately US$85,000. Our skilled team utilized advanced fabrication techniques to produce this Pig Launcher insuring zero cross contamination, using a combination of Stainless steels and exotics such as; Duplex and Super duplex, K999 delivered on excellence on meeting the project’s deadline and successfully fulfilling the requirements of Baker Hughes Australia. This project demonstrated our capabilities as a trusted provider of customized and reliable Pig Launcher fabrication solutions in Australia.

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