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Blue Phoenix IBA Project

PROCESSING April 2023 / Kerman Consulting / US$250,000 / Perth, Australia

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K999 Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. was previously engaged in a fabrication project with Kerman Contracting in Australia for the Blue Phoenix IBA processing facility . this project involved the fabrication of 16 hoppers, totaling 45 metric tons of steel. With our expertise in steel fabrication and commitment to delivering exceptional quality, we were dedicated to meeting the project’s specifications and requirements. Our skilled team of professionals utilizes advanced fabrication techniques to ensure precision and durability in every aspect of the hoppers’ construction. The value of this project, estimated at 250,000 USD, reflects our dedication to providing superior fabrication services. K999’s involvement in the Blue Phoenix IBA Project demonstrated our capabilities as a reliable partner in delivering high-quality fabrication solutions for various industrial applications in Australia.

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