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Rubber Lining

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K999 Engineering & Construction offers in-house rubber lining for pipework, spools, tanks, chutes and valve linings in a wide range of compounds. Our purpose-built facility for abrasive blasting and external coating equipment can deliver quality steel profiles for the process of applying rubber lining to steel products.

Rubber linings may also be used for both abrasive and chemical applications on a variety of substrates, including;

  • Mild and stainless steel
  • Exotic metals
  • Mining equipment
  • Steel manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Mineral processing

Rubber lining is an application method that protects the interior or exterior surfaces of pipes, tanks, and other similar vessels from corrosion and erosion.

Metals that house liquids are prone to deterioration, so rubber lining is used to enhance resistance against this natural process. Achieving the finished product,  rubber lining, requires precision and expertise. Factors such as working conditions, the state of the metals, and the equipment to be lined can affect the outcome of a rubber lining. Therefore, it is crucial to follow rubber lining principles for proper corrosion and erosion resistance.

Our Projects

McArthur River Mining

MINING August 2013 / Milestone / US$700,000 / Northern Territory

16” Pig Launcher GWF-1

PROCESSING January 2015 / Baker Hughes/ US$85,000/Australia

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